Children having sex sessions in schools
December 1, 2008

thor78 (guest) says:
Dec 1, 2008
[i]Ochoa said studies carried out by the population programme showed that young women had become more sexually aggressive than males. "They are the ones making the demands and they do it as if it is their right"[/i]   So whose right is it?
Diana (guest) says:
Dec 15, 2008
I believe female aggressiveness is due to television programming and the unwillingness of parents to monitor their children. Take a look at all the children movies out now eg. Bratz movies, Hannah Montana, High school musical etc. They all teach that it's ok for a girl to like a guy and even pursue him at a very young age. Imagine your child who is in standard 1 Primary School, watching boys and girls holding hands , kissing and claiming to be in love.
gd (guest) says:
Dec 15, 2008
Is there a point to this article?
anonymous (guest) says:
Dec 15, 2008
Diana, I don't think those children movies cause female agressiveness.  Those shows have the same themes that old disney cartoons and fairy tales contain.  Furthermore, what is wrong with a girl being taught that it is ok to like a boy and to persue them?  The problem is not relationships.  The problem is parents teaching kids how to be safe and parents keeping tabs on their children!
heretic says:
Dec 16, 2008
Agreed. Don't blame cartoons or movies for the combination of bad parenting and stupid kids.
sexy rene (guest) says:
Jul 6, 2010
don't blame the movies blame the parents
Anonymous (guest) says:
Sep 6, 2010
Dont blame the tv or movies they kids programs are the same as they used to be prince and princess falling in love troy and Vannessa out of high school musical fall in love :) its the same as 25 years ago:)
Mara Hex (guest) says:
Mar 2, 2011
Most children are doing what they see on tv but the parents don't monitor them to see what kind of shows and movies they watching.
Mara Hex (guest) says:
Mar 2, 2011
Sorry that supposed to be they are watching
real bad man (guest) says:
Dec 25, 2011
when deh showin d4em children sex videos they doh teldem nothing
shannel (guest) says:
Dec 26, 2011
i am 14 my mom is a lesbian she ask me to kiss her and if i refuse she beats me and still drag my touge
jamie (guest) says:
Dec 26, 2011
lucky for shannel iam 13 my dad just hold me down and sex me in front my friends and ido not like it and my mom do not tell him nothing and she then kiss mr on my lips
jj (guest) says:
Dec 26, 2011
it is true iam sorry for jamie

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