Grade 4 literacy, numeracy test to be administered nationally
November 10, 2008

rasheed knibbs (guest) says:
Mar 21, 2009
hi i am grade 4 in jamaica and i am doing a litaresy exam my email address is[i] [edited][/i] so if you want talk me it is ok to say any address is [i][editited][/i] my school name is mount moreland primary and juner highschool and where should is sligoville. one more thing is that a lot badboy there the will be
candace (guest) says:
Apr 23, 2009
i will be doing my literacy and numeracy test in may im in grade four and i attend the shortwood practising primary and junior high school
Simone (guest) says:
Apr 30, 2009
visit for help.
Shian Gray (guest) says:
May 27, 2009
Hello Jamaica Iwill be doing my Grade Four Litteracy test on June 18; 2009 and I attend UNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL in Strathbogie Im just asking someone to pray for me
jamie (guest) says:
Jun 1, 2009
hi my name jamie and  i am going to do my grade 4 literacy  test i want all you to pray for me pls  this joke is funny a man came in a store asked for a bread and the man went for itand the man asked how much money the man say i dont now the buyer said you must say dollarnintynine then the man asked how fresh is the bread the man say i dont now the buyer say you must say very very fresh  
Miss Glover (guest) says:
Jun 5, 2009
i'm just giving a big shout out to all the children who will be doing the grade 4 test. good luck and i'm praying for you all.   to my son Kristoff at Loving Hands Kinder-Prep and all the grade 4 students at Amiry Hall Primary and Infant.....   GOOD LUCK
ashley (guest) says:
Jun 15, 2009
thank u for giving us this test i go to ST.Jago Cathedral Prepatory School
Jullia (guest) says:
Jun 15, 2009
Ithink that the grade 4 test is to empower us with our skill. The test really helps us thank you.
tricane campbell (guest) says:
Sep 10, 2009
i am in 5m at the mineral heights primary i hate miss elliot she is a ugly gal
tricane campbell (guest) says:
Sep 10, 2009
ugly gal    
Shanique Grant (guest) says:
Sep 20, 2009
I love Mrs.Clover White my favourite teacher at Unity Primary School in Westmoreland. She is very nice although strict. PLEASE TELL HER I LOVE HER.
trisania (guest) says:
Oct 9, 2009
[color=#ff1493][i]i could not believe that i would do literacy so fast[/i][/color]
allyson (guest) says:
Apr 19, 2010
[b][color=#000080]Tricane Campbell[/color][/b] of [u]Mineral Heights Primary[/u],you probably know me. I was ur past Deputy Head Girl of year 2008-2009 (not on your shift) and a monitess for a long time. I am not "bashing " u,but wat u said about Ms.Ellio
shackerea whittaker (guest) says:
Apr 23, 2010
big up all my friends from grade 9 from shackerea
let's get active (guest) says:
May 3, 2010
4. what is the cause
ft (guest) says:
May 23, 2010
hi allyson i am allexecia i go to mineral heights you all heard about dudus.on the news i was and some gun mens burend the kingston police station down to the ground.oo i do not want to talk about that now.
allexecia (guest) says:
May 23, 2010
GOOD LUCK EVERy BODY good bye for now i will meet tomarow
ft (guest) says:
May 23, 2010
the (guest) says:
Jul 5, 2010
you are a bitch
Ashleigh (guest) says:
Jul 23, 2010
TRICANE-You might not remember me but trust me I remember you. Its children like you who give our school a bad name. You did your exam in grade 5 and I am sure if it was not for the great teachers that we have you would not have passed.You should be ashamed of yourself.

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